Join me in The Celibacy Project!! As I dish and spill my guts about my progress on finding my center, of becoming balanced and loving myself.

I don’t believe it will be easy, but the best things in life never are!!

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This blog is the journey of my commitment and vow to myself. To be a better person, to love myself, to accept my role in life and simply be happy.

I never thought I’d join the ranks of those who hold out, who wait. But my path is about finding myself. About learning to live and love the life I have. To embrace celibacy and the gift it will bring me.

I simply want to share my story so that others out there who are wandering or lost will know they are not alone. Even when you go to bed by yourself, and wake up the same way, there are others in the same situation. All I want it to spread the word, to share my story in hopes that I can help at least 1 other person 😊

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